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Providers and facilities accumulate large portfolios of accounts receivables due to the nature of insurance company reimbursements and traditional personal injury case settlements. These portfolios are non-liquid assets that take months or years to collect yet cost your practice or facility monthly fees to maintain billing status. If these accounts are turned over to a collection agency even more costs are incurred.

Medical Accounts Receivable Funding frees up working capital for more productive uses of your cash flow such as increasing staff, purchasing new equipment, expanding practice locations or minimizing a financial set-back.

CarePoint allows you to optimize your bottom line by purchasing your open accounts due from third party payors such as private insurance, HMOs, PPOs. and personal injury settlements. You are able to immediately generate cash from this asset, creating cash flow and eliminating the ongoing billing collection costs.

Medical receivables funding is the sale and purchase of an asset at a discount so no debt is incurred on the balance sheet. Funding is based on the net collectible amount of the claim determined by your historical collections.

CarePoint enables you to get the highest payout in the industry for your account receivables with these additional benefits:

  • We do not cherry pick cases from your portfolio. As long as the case is open and less than three years old we will accept them.
  • You are able to accelerate cash flow generation without having to relinquish a significant portion of the value of your accounts receivable.
  • You continue to have a voice in the manner in which your personal injury cases are settled and maintain your relationship with the referring attorney. Other funders remove you from this process, which can have a detrimental impact on your relationship with the attorneys.
  • Our program maintains the total gross value of your services and ensures that the full amount of your bill remains outstanding against the case. For personal injury cases this is a critical element for the plaintiff’s attorney.

Alleviating fiscal stress allows you to do what you do best – treating patients.

Please call us or fill out this short online form. We are happy to explain our funding terms tailored to your needs in a concise and straightforward manner.

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