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As a healthcare provider, you are committed to providing excellent patient care. However, you may often face the challenge of managing your finances while also focusing on patient needs.
This is where Care Point Financial can assist you in bolstering your revenue stream, maximizing cash flow, and alleviating fiscal stress while increasing patient access to superior care. With a reputable history in the ambulatory, surgery center, diagnostic network, point of care pharmaceutical, and plaintiff funding industries, Care Point Financial offers capital sources that
are unmatched in the industry.

Their extensive experience and longstanding relationships in the healthcare and finance environment mean you receive the absolute best terms.

One of their key programs is Medical Accounts Receivable Funding, which is a cash flow solution for providers and facilities holding 3rd Party receivables. With this program, you can transform your inventory of long-term assets into cash. They provide a sale and purchase agreement of assets so that it does not appear as a loan on your balance sheet.

This program is an effective financial management resource that can maximize your wealth.
Care Point Financial liberates you to optimize your bottom line by purchasing your open accounts due from third-party payers such as workers’ compensation and personal injury claims.

You are immediately able to generate value from this asset, creating cash flow and eliminating the ongoing billing and collection costs. With this program, you continue to have a voice and maintain your relationship with the referring attorney. Other funders remove you from this process, which can have a detrimental impact on your relationship with the attorneys.

Quotes such as “enabling you to focus more on providing excellent patient care” and “why pay for a collection company? Convert your contingent receivables to cash!” highlight how Care Point Financial can provide you with the necessary financial solution to ease your cash flow problems.

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